LUCY is the daughter of Snow Commander Gibbs and  Junior Hunt Titled  mom, WINCHESTER. She has the beautiful English head, deep chest and blocky body with the thick otter tail. She has the distince black nose, dark eyes and black pigment in her gums.  She has a wonderful soft personality and is happy to flop on the floor beside you.  Her pups are always sought after.  To $300 deposit is required to secure your pic order.  Call Sheryl to place a reservation.  208-571-2540

July 16, 2019


This breeding of Rider and Lucy is a second breeding for this pair.  They will produce the most loyal and loveable labs you have ever seen.  They will be stuninly gorgeous in addition to intelligent and trainable.  Families rave about their Kenne lUp Pups.  Read their testimonials on our facebook page.  Your $300 deposit will secure your pick order.  



  • Rider is a beautiful white full English Labrador.  He has recently joined our kennel thanks to Country Meadows Kennel in Taccoma, WA sharing him with us.  He has a very calm and quiet disposition.  And having his dailY hugs and rubs are more important to him than eating.  I call him "bear"as he is so stoutly built.  Our vet commented on this great confirmation.  He is from the Gem Labrador line, the line used for advertising Cotton Tail products.  We are excited to have a litter of pups with our Snow CommanderGibbs as grandpa and Rider as the father.  This combination is our best ever litter!